Thursday, 19 March 2020

forest lodge studio

Another garage studio. This one in a heritage conservation area in Forest Lodge.

Squeezing as much in on a narrow site as possible. Plugged in between an existing 2 storey garage studio on one side and an approved (but not built yet) similar one on the other side. Simple but neat and cost effective....

existing terrace group

new studio attached
tight open plan layout
nicely repetitive streetscape

ducking under low planes while keeping your toes above the flood waters

Secondary dwellings above rear lane garages are all the rage now. A neat way to increase density and get more living space for extended family or rental income. Here's one we had approved recently. Still to be built.

Small projects still require the same complex raft of documents required by larger ones. This site in Mascot was even more so being under a flight path and in a flood prone area.

The budget wasn't huge so we went for simple modern shapes with relatively inexpensive materials. More to go into insulation and sound attenuation.

existing rear lane garage.

new double garage and studio

rear yard view

Friday, 17 January 2020

Leura mountain home

Here's another job that also kept us busy last year. Our "island" job in Leura.

After a year an a half negotiating with planning officers for a design solution the good bergers decided to ignore their internal advice and refused our DA for political reasons. More votes in that direction... lot's of misinformed hysteria around this in the local populace.

Here's our response that's being taken to the Land & Environment Court. Echos of "mountain" style in a plan form that's reminiscent of grand old guest homes.

LEC is always a lottery even with a good design but it at least brings the assessment back to considered merit rather than vexatious grandstanding. Clients need patience and deep pockets, sadly with no guarantees.

It's been one of the biggest design challenges we've faced and even though it's been a pain in many ways it's also been exciting to work on.

north eastern view. folded roof forms and western red cedar lining, stone base

north western view. feature entry area

western view. deep verandahs to mitigate summer sun

southern view. heavily landscaped screen
elevations. as disciplined as we could make them
plan shows dominance of landscaping in the design

Monday, 13 January 2020

Eden final

After many adjustments and enough reports to sink a ship we finally got this beast into council for DA. A bit more finesse on the facades and shapes. Compliant with all LEP controls and most of the DCP ones. Fingers crossed they don't give us too hard a time during the assessment.

corner of eden and burrows streets

rear view from butterworth lane

view from eden street

view from burrows street

roof deck as common open area

solar panels work as shade for decks

view of roof deck

aerial view from the rear

ground floor

typical lower levels

NE elevation

cross section

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Ralph update "The Bowery"

After more than a year in documentation and some site contamination issues to overcome this project in Alexandria is finally starting to get under way.

A bit of a change to the original shape driven by conservative urban planners in City of Sydney. But generally its not too bad.

Eden prelim

Our first go at this 74 unit RFB/mixed development in Arncliffe. We are planning to use screens that actually work rather then being fixed add ons for looks only. Deep cuts into the facades for natural light and ventilation to normally internal wet areas. Solar panels and water re-usage. All white at the moment but funky colour scheme still to come.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Balmain gem

Fighting through dense Leichhardt Council controls this refurbishment of a tiny heritage semi emerged triumphant. Determined and talented clients injected loads of charm and detail to create a lovely, partly whimsical, home.

front view before

rear view before

renovated front view

renovated rear view

indoor/outdoor family space

new entry

attic kitchen

second bed

bright white bathroom details

bridge and city glimpses from new attic kitchen/living room