Saturday, 26 November 2016

castle cove progress

Started stage 1 for this house in 2011.

Big alts and adds like these are complex and require perseverance and deep pockets. It's been a grind for neighbours, builders and client but we are finally getting close to completing this spectacular build. Look for the finished version in a month or so from now.

spectacular north facing decks

vaulted roofs

eyebrow highlights add interest to the interior

flush glass feature window provide a view to the cellar.

touch of classical cornices as a juxtaposition to the modernist interior

living room. yet to be revealed chandeliers

master ensuite waiting for marble columns

refurbished pool in the process of being filled

smaller shower room/ensuite

roof/pool deck covered area. Temporary fencing till feature balustrading approved

master bed fireplace, waiting for tear drop unit to be installed

main entry void looking east. Waiting for balustrades.

main entry void looking west

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Rockin' the decades..

Here's a fun pic for my good friend, muso, teacher and luthier, Craig Corcoran.

Friday, 19 February 2016

let there be light

A small renovation in Leichhardt.

An existing older extension to the southern end of a cute Federation freestanding house. Typically very dark and dismal added to by an austere tiled floor.

The new renovation flipped a section of the existing roof up to let a slice of northern light and sun penetrate the space. A new kitchen on the dark wall closest to the boundary with no windows. A fire rated glass splashback now provides retina burning light to the main bench top and into the interior. Some extra film is being added to cut the late afternoon glare.

Lovely timber floors now run from old to new sections providing a link and a soft visual flow and feel underfoot. The modern rear renovation is now a lovely counterpoint to the heritage front end. Harmony in juxtaposition.

Overall a very successful little project thanks to a client dedicated to getting it right and cleverly executed by an experienced builder who understands architects custom designs, DB & HE Building Services. Kitchen and joinery by the ever talented Donnas Joinery.

original Federation front

original floor plan

new floor plan
new roof plan

east elevation

prelim 3D CAD study
prelim CAD study

new kitchen design
kitchen 3D CAD study

existing kitchen

new kitchen

kitchen splashback window with
obscure fire rated glass
neighbours climbing rose behind

existing side
new side

the piece de resistance
the new interior space with north facing highlight window

Sunday, 8 November 2015

alexandria multi unit residential

Just finished a new design.

Tricky orientation and a very tight site.

Needed to crank the front balconies to achieve complying solar access. Gave a more interesting take on the usual egg crate facade treatment that seems to be "de rigueur" in RFB designs now-a-days. Being in a flood zone made basement access even more difficult but it works with a raised ramp entry and corkscrew style levels below. A mix of single level and two level units provide for a good mix.

A touch of brutalism with some softer finishes.

main facade 01

main facade 02

rear lane 01

rear lane 02

axo 01

axo 02

axo 03

axo 04
typical plans

long sections

Friday, 12 June 2015

Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em...

And yet another BIG birthday.....

Best Vet ever....
is that a full deck Tim..???

up the creek

Another BIG birthday picture.....
without paddles..!!!

Alexandria apartments

Here's the preliminary design for a new residential building in Alexandria. A mixture of modernism and brutalism.

The challenge has been to get effective solar access to as many units as possible. The T-bar shape allows for separation of the rear section from future adjoining developments.

If the planners preliminary feedback is positive then there will be a mad scramble to complete a DA submission.

rear lane view

T-bar gives separation to future developments

front facade elements cranked for solar access

upper level recessed and with different material

lower units have street access and can be used as home offices

common outdoor areas located on rear roof