Friday, 22 June 2012

Promenade in Domaine du Bon Espoir, Mauritius

Hello from winter but warm and sunny Mauritius!

As promised, I am blogging while on holidays here.

Here are some pictures from my walk within a gated Domain, in the middle of sugar cane fields. A lot of the houses are of tropical styles with open verandah, pool and pitched roofs. They are subject to a set of strict guidelines during design stage so that they are harmonious with each other.

Enjoy! :)


"neighborhood of the orchard"

"neighborhood of the old chimney"

More exciting things to come


Friday, 8 June 2012

kensington units progress

Here's an update on our Kensington units which are in the final phase of construction. Angelo & Ross from Atsiki are doing their usual brilliant job interpreting our drawings into something really nice. Should be finished in another month or so.

More pics then......           J

our original concept

what the boys did.... pretty close

crisp lines, horizontal window elements

we are working with more compact kitchens
and interesting window combinations

lovely miranti pergolas juxtaposed against alucobond cladding

some more of our window experiments

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

a new eden

Well, here we are at the start of another small medium density project. This time in Arncliffe.

As usual I'm excited to be working with new shapes and layouts but sad to lose the three single Federation and Bungalow cottages that have to be demolished to make way. There are such limited options in areas zoned for high density. Left over cottages look like a complete anachronism. We work to recycle as much as possible at least.

These are the latest 3D studies.... another neat, Val Lee, 3D model. We've gone for a disciplined facade which faces North East with operable screens for solar and privacy control. It seems to be coming together as a building form.

Anyhooo... we are off for pre-DA. Who knows what changes will occur...


existing cottage group

great corner site

lots of existing trees to be retained

we thought a curved roof softened the overall simple shapes

western wing has two storey cross over units

operable screens create an active facade

ground floor units have individual entries direct off the street

common outdoor areas to the side

simplified second frontage with disciplined fenestration

rear/side elevation with screened breezeway
access corridors and smaller decks
driveway to basement off rear lane

Friday, 1 June 2012

summer hill idyll

In Summer Hill (the cutest little village in Sydney), to the southern side of the little public square off Lackey Street, someone has gone to a lot of trouble to create a really neat trompe l'oeil scene on the side of an old terrace.

While you are there make sure you get a  scrummy breakfast from Plunge cafe, just down the street.

how to brighten up a really dull blank wall

it's slightly naive but has a great consistency and
in the flesh the colours look and feel great