Tuesday, 31 May 2011

cook landing jetty

This is a sketch we did a few years back to support a proposal for a new jetty near Captain Cook's landing spot in Kernel. Another unbuilt project.....  but gave us a chance to create a pretty pic.....         J

Botany Bay National Park jetty proposal (unbuilt). Cook's landing spot just to the right

Sunday, 29 May 2011

little man .... big tomb

Love him or hate him (he brought a lot of misery across the whole of Europe c/- his megalomania) Napoleon was sure given a grand tomb. It is set at the rear of Les Invalides, the home of the French Army in the 7th Arrondissement of Paris, inside the late 17th century French Baroque style, dome topped, chapel building.

His ashes were brought back from St Helena in 1840 by King Louis-Phillippe and finally put in place in the red quartzite and green granite sarcophagus in 1861.


les invalides and the cour d'honneur
the main building commenced in 1670 and completed in 1676
the domed chapel was completed in 1708

beautiful, extravagant French Baroque chapel by Liberal Bruant
based strongly on Romanesque architecture and St Peter's in Rome
using twisted column "canopy" over the altar

Napoleon's equally extravagant sarcophagus

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

warriewood wonder

Here's some progress pics on a feature packed alts and adds in Warriewood. Andrew Ross from ModCon working hard to make sense of our drawings and create a unique family home in this lovely Northern Beaches area.

Some of our 3D images mixed in to show the proposed finished product.

Looking good so far Andy.......


alts and adds... where's all the existing walls gone to?

top floor taking shape....feature blade wall waiting for sandstone cladding

wet edge pool with feature side wall .... other living areas shaping up.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Willoughby bungalow

This is a recently finished project in Willoughby. Very successful major alts and adds to an existing Californian bungalow by Andrew Ross from Modcon. New pool in a lovely north facing rear yard. Great kitchen by Harry from Donna's Joinery.   J

streetscape rejuvenation plus simple car port

lovely rear yard and cute internal bedrooms

lovely open plan kitchen. good job Harry

elegant and simple stair design....funky wallpaper to walk in robe

classical yet understated ensuite and bathroom

Monday, 16 May 2011

Apartment block by the beach

Hello readers! 
Its been a while since I blogged. Been busy busy as a bee. Below are some elevations on a project I am having fun working on; its a renovation project on 5 apartment building block, complete with a new penthouse level up top. It has breathtaking views of the beach given that it does not have anything blocking its sides, with a neighboring building on one side only.
To the left is beach side
Back elevation
Elevation facing the sea

This was an update on our work in progress!

It was this or John would have me do another Chair Yoga ...


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Clovelly coast walk

This is a second great Sydney coast walk. This time from Bronte to Clovelly. On a perfect May day the ocean is sparkling, the path is crowded with other walkers, joggers and dogs. We walk along an elevated pathway past Waverley cemetery, looking down to rock platforms swept with waves. Ahead is the iconic simplicity of Clovelly Bowling Club, kids playing rugby league and houses lining the western edge of the path.

At the end of the walk there is Clovelly Bay, chiselled into the landscape, edged by rocks, sand and concrete. People are playing volleyball and other walkers enjoying the simple beauty of the native plants as the path meets the reserve beside the beach.

A great short walk that can be made longer in either direction if desired.   J

panorama north to bondi

rock platforms

elevated pathway

places to rest or take in the view

Waverley cemetery ....  rooms with a view!!

out with friends

Clovelly bowlo...

great day for league ... don't kick the ball too hard!

lovely home along the way

clovelly bay in sight ... coogee beyond

northern concreted edge

clovelly beach

more friends out for a stroll

banksia serratafolia and coastal rosemary

lovely bunya pine

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mega home in Castle Cove

This is a residence we completed a short while ago in Castle Cove. A relatively large home that was alts & adds to an existing horrible chocolate brown brick residence. Extensive living areas, new pool, large decks and neatly detailed joinery. Polished concrete floors with selected carpet inserts and extensive views from Vergola covered decks. Upper prefab Ritek roofs. Lovely Eddie K designed colour scheme and joinery built by Harry from Donna's Joinery. A Rotex hot water system, integrated hydronic in-slab heating, pool heating and cooling and constant flow for instant hot water anywhere in the 720m2 house. The whole complex build a masterful piece of work from David Jones at D B & H E.         J

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lane Cove gem

This is a measured drawing project completed last year in conjunction with Luisa (PMA).

A lovely old heritage building with a mixture of Arts and Crafts shapes, Classical, Georgian and some Art Deco detailing. A real mixture of styles but somehow resulting in a delightful little building. A quite organic plan with a beautifully detailed central circulation space.

Some pics by me and beautiful drawings by Val.


west facade with asymmetrical elements and "cat slide" roofs

lovely classical portico over main entry

beautiful curved stair case

Georgian arched doors to harbour view

massive stone deco fireplace

elegant curved porch and verandah