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queen street gallery

On the eastern fringe of Glebe is an open air sculpture gallery of a different kind. Hilik Mirankar has used most of the Queen Street frontage as a gallery for his various carved timber installations. Being Glebe they are all suitably chained down to prevent theft. You can check out his web site at It's a real joy on a clear day to walk the narrow street and view the imaginative sculptures that are located on the front porches of all his neighbours. They are at once primitive but modern, primal and tactile. You can view them on the way to a refreshment and cheap meal at The Friend in Hand hotel at the western end or the Australian Youth Hotel (not so cheap), not far from the eastern end. It's a good street to add into a larger walk through the back streets of Glebe. J


I recently sat on a design jury for end of semester year 3 UNSW architecture students for my friend and design wunderkind/tutor Mark Szczerbicki (Polish right!!!) Every time I do this it brings back many nerve racking memories of presenting my own designs back in the dim, foggy past at SU. And it's something I get to experience all over again when I front up to regular SEPP65 design review panels for my medium density projects.... so it really is good training for these future architects. We looove being citicised. Generally this group were pretty good and they scrubbed up alright seeing as how they probably only had a few hours of sleep between them for the previous four or five days. Anyhoo... here's a snapshot of what our education system is producing now... Their brief was to create a medium density (small) project with off street parking and some commercial at street level on an interesting site in North Bondi. Just like in real life....   if you have 14 architec