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newtown graffiti #2

Another instalment of great wall art in my favourite inner city suburb....    J

the return of the diptych

Some sketches of a couple of my favourite people.... diptych format.

Celebrating over 120 combined years and some of their favourite things.      J

victory graffiti

Ahhhh... sweet Victory...    an illustrated lane close to Parramatta Road near Ray's Outdoors (who put the "camp" into Camperdown). Lot's of energetic line work, characterisations,  subdued colour scheme and lovely pathos with random trolley person and kid with knife. Lot's more subtle detail and references in there... the more I stare at the piece the more I see.  

All power to their  creative spray can holding arms....   J

terrigal treat

With lovely views towards the lagoon over the road this site needed a considered design with a beach side aesthetic.

We located garages and bedrooms on the ground floor and gave the first floor living and master bed areas large decks that step and look past each other to the view. Curved alucobond blades soften and define the upper floor as well as contain the simple stepped roofs.

The front unit would do me just fine......


organic schematic

A super fast schematic art piece for a concept for a small Surry Hills corner block.

A bit of organic fun.      J

maroubra residential #2

Approved at last...!!!!

It was a needless battle in the Land & Environment Court but reason ruled the day. Council's agressive negativity melted away as soon the experts got involved.

This is worthy of a case study to illustrate how completely unfair, bordering on criminal, elected Councillors can be when they go against their own planning officers report (who recommended approval) and take it upon themselves to not only refuse a worthy application but then to instruct council's solicitors to not negotiate or compromise in any of the follow up mediation and pre-court conferences. I might blog in more detail on this one.

In the meantime we now have this cute little tower building to detail and build.


a second eden

OK. We whimped out on the curved roof. Kept the flatter look which was a bit easier on the eye. The look is quite integrated with folded plates and intersecting squared off volumes.

We edged back the extent of screens and extended some solid balustrades as a contemporary salute to our 70's and 80's neighbours.

Internal layouts are tight but with a neat open plan for living for the cross over units. The 2 bed and studio units are laid out in a disciplined arrangement.

Now going to DA. Wish us luck.......    J

model architects

Our friends at Studio RRRRR have been shaming us for years with their huge array of preliminary, design and finished models and their slick modelling skills. We're still a  bit "gumby" with ours and only do them when really needed, mostly because we have such an easy and effective 3D CAD program to do our work for us (yeah ArchiCAD).

This one is not too bad. A model of our new Arncliffe project to go with our DA. Good work by Val and her minnions.. (Interns Nicole and Anna).       J

mid 70's posters

Hmmm.... found in the vault and scanned for posterity.

Fond memories of 3am screen printing runs at the Sydney Uni tin sheds.

Hope you like them.                    J

bondi winter

It's a Sydney thing....

Beautiful mid winter day brings out everyone who wants a Bondi experience. Only a fraction of the summer crowd at this time of year.     J