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castle cove progress

Started stage 1 for this house in 2011. Big alts and adds like these are complex and require perseverance and deep pockets. It's been a grind for neighbours, builders and client but we are finally getting close to completing this spectacular build. Look for the finished version in a month or so from now. spectacular north facing decks vaulted roofs eyebrow highlights add interest to the interior flush glass feature window provide a view to the cellar. touch of classical cornices as a juxtaposition to the modernist interior living room. yet to be revealed chandeliers master ensuite waiting for marble columns refurbished pool in the process of being filled smaller shower room/ensuite roof/pool deck covered area. Temporary fencing till feature balustrading approved master bed fireplace, waiting for tear drop unit to be installed main entry void looking east. Waiting for balustrades. main entry void looking west