Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Art Nouveau architecture #1

Art Nouveau as a movement, mostly between 1890 and 1905, was a reaction to the highly structured academic art of the 19th century and the new felt sense of freedom and expression as the "fin de siecle" approached. It influenced all the art forms and manifested in architecture as free form and organic, a more artistic way of using materials and using traditional building elements in an artistic way.

It took on slightly different forms in different countries and was particularly big in France, Germany and the future Czech republic. Prague is also well known for many beautiful surviving Art Nouveau buildings. In  England it was known as the Arts & Crafts movement championed by the like of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. In Spain (Catalonia) it was Antonio Gaudi's organic style. In Austria it was related to the Vienna secession.

Here are some examples from Paris for your enjoyment. A lot of these are by the famous Parisian architect Hector Guimard who was renown for his work on the Paris Metro entries and a number of major buildings. He was also a famous self promoter (hence his name being inscribed on the front of his buildings) and lost favour because of that and the fact that being art related the buildings were very expensive to build.
maybe we should sign our buildings as well!!

lovely organic handrail

funky bracket detail

door to die for..

another sweeping door. few straight lines

organic facade next to more traditional one

facade detail

like out of "war of the worlds". get zapped as you enter!

art nouveau street name plate

stepped window arrangement beside an internal stair

another look at that facade

beautiful sculptured window surround.
note the curve to the glazing bar

The best examples of Art Nouveau architecture can be found in the western part of the old city between Metro Jasmin and Metro Ranelagh and on Rue Agar and Rue La Fontaine in the 16 Arrondissement.

Go there if you can.....    J

Thursday, 14 April 2011

a little bit of organic architecture

A house we designed for a friend who owns an apple orchard.   J

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

project about to start

Here's some of Val's lovely 3D renderings of one of our multi unit projects that is about to start construction in Kensington.

It was a while to get through council but the end result will be worth it.     J

Sunday, 10 April 2011

La Perouse coast walk

Love walking in the bush? Love the beach? Walking along rocks?  Hate the drive to get to the bush?

Sydney has some great walks that are only short distances from the CBD.

The La Perouse walk is one of them. You start at the snake pit, head down to Congwong Beach then up through beautiful coastal bushland to Henry Head. Here you find the remins of Fort Banks, WW2 anti ship fortifications and gun emplacements. From here you can gaze across the mouth of Botany Bay to Cook's landing point in Kernell.

snake pit. demo just starting
Sydney red gum forest
tea tree tunnel
dreamy dappled light
old man banksia

boardwalk section

view across to Kernell

gun emplacement at Fort Banks

Continue along the shore front past typical spectacular rock cliffs and down to a rock platform halfway to Cape Banks beyond. The NSW golf club meets the shore here.

rocky coast section

rock honeycombing

iron relic on the rock platform

rock platform
salt circles
Cape Banks beyond 4th hole

From there it's on to the remains of a 1940'2 army village now used by National Parks and Services. The road takes you back to the main drag at La Perouse.

road back between NSW and St Michael's golf courses

Friday, 8 April 2011

April week 2

This is a nice job that we are doing in Parramatta. A collision of heritage and contemporary ...

melbourne graffiti #3

Stencil work.

Made famous by Banksy (much to the annoyance of all those great street artists who did it way before him).

Some cool stencil graffiti around Fitzroy.
random onlooker with skull and mikes

random onlooker #2

boy and penguin
boy and penguin #2



Wednesday, 6 April 2011

melbourne graffiti #2

Pasted images.

More fun art work around Fitzroy. This time silk screened poster style work which is then pasted to walls and niches.

This first batch all seems to be skeleton/zombie/monster inspired. Very Mexican inspired with their penchant for skulls, celebration of mortality and removal of the fear of death and dead things.

Also makes for cool images....

Smith Street shop front.
It would stop me mucking up....
Smaller pasted image next to the other one.
Zombie style....?
All this group pasted together on glass. Nice effect.

"libertad "o" muerte"
(freedom or death)

This is balanced out by the redeeming angel, appropriately holding spray cans in each hand!

And of course the Madonna....

Not sure where the motorcycle person fits in....

The art is graphic, well drafted, more muted in colour, sometimes whimsical, mixing old styles with new concepts ...... all completely fascinating and enriching the experience of walking around the streets.