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latest maroubra design development images

Here are some lovely pics by Val showing the latest design development for our new house design in Maroubra. It's starting to get there. The site is hemmed in by neighbours but has nice outlooks both front and rear. The stepped design is driven by the site fall and the setbacks required for second floors. We are proposing lightweight upper level finishes. Its a narrow site so we are showing a single sized garage but inside it has a two level car stacker. The expense is offset by having a smaller footprint and reduced driveways. J

an old Nazgul from the vaults...

I stumbled across this while archiving old files and drawings. Sketched it up when I first started reading Lord of the Rings back in the 70's. Thought you might find it amusing.   J Nazgul 1978

Organic World Architecture - Sagrada Familia

What better than the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Here are some pics from our roaming relative, Tim P, who was visiting there in July. Originally designed by Francisco de Paula del Villar as a Gothic revival church, construction began in 1882. Catalonian hero architect, Antoni Gaudi, took over the project in 1883 and turned his own funky organic style to it, making radical changes to the design. Del Villar retired from the project ... he must have been a bit miffed at the wild changes made to his design. It is one of the great unfinished projects. When Gaudi died in 1926 it was only about 25% finished. Pope Benedict consecrated it in November 2010. Work left to do is the main central tower. It is anticipated that it will be complete in time for the centenary of Gaudi's death in 2026. It's a monumental piece of beautiful, organic, and expressive sculpture and one of several world buildings that should be on everyone's bucket lists...         J (thanks Tim & Aliz

biddigal reserve

Such a big response for the Chinese Gardens ... thanks for all the kind comments. There was a push/request to publish some more sketches so here's one I did the year before for other friends who got married. It's Biddigal Reserve at the northern end of Bondi Beach.      J biddigal reserve