Thursday, 29 March 2012

birthday sketch

here's a scribble I did for our great friend, and fellow architect, Alex.....         J

that "no longer 50" moment...

Friday, 16 March 2012

chair yoga # 2

Val said I had to do the next instalment.......

Feeling a bit flat after that long Friday lunch..?  A bit tight in the shoulders from working hard on your blog...? A nice headstand will invigorate your whole nervous system...


hmmm... this blogging is hard work...

I could really use a little stretch...

maybe an inversion would get the blood flowing a bit more

wish I had a seat belt....

steady with the alignment

now do I twist to the right first then the left...?

Disclaimer. Advanced chair yoga poses are to be undertaken only by experienced (or slightly crazy) practitioners. Do not try this without supervision or a safety net. Best to have someone who can photoshop out any bare skin that may be accidentally revealed in the course of any poses...

parramatta job version 9

Hmmmm..... this one was a response to the response to our modernist box (version 8) and exploring ways to break down the scale and reduce the "ziggurat" stepping to the rear. It's already had the council officer fly-by without too much success ....  and ....... standby for version 10.            J

Sunday, 4 March 2012

paddo reservoir

After what seems two weeks of solid grey skies and torrential rain the sun finally came out today. Took a chance to take a walk. Visited the refurbished/readapted Paddington Reservoir (Walter Read Reserve) on Oxford Street in Paddington.

A beautifully realised small green space set in the heritage item of the old reservoir, opened to the sky in parts. Originally built as part of the burgeoning Sydney water supply in 1866, with water coming from the Botany Swamps pumping station. It was decommissioned in 1899 when the new Centennial Park reservoir was finished.

In 2006 the very groovy Tonkin Zulaikha Greer and the landscape architects JMD Design took up the task of converting it into a green space for the enjoyment of all. It is a great resolution. The space is right next to the busiest road in Sydney but you could be a million miles from it when you are down in the sunken garden area.

It's easy to get to and close to great shops and eateries if you need more than the simple hit of serenity from being inside it. Otherwise just take the weekend paper and a thermos and chill.

Not quite a great walk in distance terms but a fun short stroll. Get there if you can....       J

original walter read reserve before parts of the roof collapsed
oxford street entry

iron gates

main grassed courtyard

happy little wollomi pine in south east corner

curved roof/screen detail

comfy steel mesh chairs

main grassed courtyard

lift and stairs on western end

retained eastern chamber wall

stairs from oxford street

view from entry

some retained roof sections and structure

retained eastern chamber

lush planting

nice mix of old and new

written in moss in incised writing in render

looking east

what's that bright thing in the sky....???

more retained roof sections

here 'tis