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maroubra dual occ

Here's a finished dual oc project in Maroubra. Not quite finished as designed but a good marketable product.

the top of the world

Another practice run through rendering techniques with the new Sketchbook software. Just a bit of fun Shaun...

New renders... the best of classic cat designs

I'm probably a clear decade behind the real artists/illustrators but I've been working with newly acquired Sketchbook software on my iPad using an iPencil. It's been interesting playing with different layers and pen/brush settings. Not quite like working on paper but the feel of the iPencil is surprisingly good and the flexibility of the layers provides more options and control for colours and textures. I end up with digital rather than a paper finished work. A digital work is good but not as unique.  It is addictive though.... class="separator" style="clear: both;">