Monday, 28 May 2012

parramatta job #10

Still going.....!!!

Here is version 10 of our stretched out Parramatta project.

I think I liked version 9 better. It looked more compact and ordered. But it was a bit smaller in FSR.

Anyhoo... this one is designed with the tower angled and the rear roof angled to ensure minimum of 3 hours of solar access to units behind. Some serious sun studies were done in ArchiCAD to make sure the design was right.


7 & 5 storey building

upper levels have lightweight materials to lighten up the facade
and horizontal openings plus operable sun screens/louvres

bottom 3 levels have a heavier/masonry feel
with fenestration that is vertical and heritage related

the bulk is pushed away from the other adjoining heritage site

tower is chamfered and the roof angled to allow solar access

serious sun study.... the middle ground floor adjacent unit
is the main concern. if we got sunlight to that then we got it to all of them

Sunday, 13 May 2012

northbridge walk

A neat walk around the water side of Northbridge golf club.     J

start at Dorset Road

remnant tropical ferns in the gullys

filtered views of Long Bay

fabulous bush path

lots of cute trickling creekettes

Saltpan Creek with remnants of old jetties

the queen of trees
Sydney red gum
smooth barked apple
angophera costata

view back to Cammeray
in the middle there somewhere is a house I did in the late 80's

the par 3 hole number 5
you can tee off with a putter it's all down hill
last played 35 years ago wearing a
dinner suit at 6am

custom steps in rock cleft

finishing at Tunks Park