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castle cove whimsy

Here are some finished images of our monster alts and adds at castle cove.The clients had a mixture of modern and "old" looks. Barrel vaulted ceilings, exposed sandstone walls, retained parquetry, over the top marble wet areas with exaggerated cornices.Fun but challenging....

The next small thing...

Well it had to happen. 3D printers have been around for several years but what would have cost a bomb 5 years ago is now much cheaper. We've bitten the bullet and started using a 3D printer.

Our first real job is the OC 3D model for City of Sydney for Ralph Street. 1:500 to plug into their citywide model at town hall.

coogee conversion

Here's a fun little project that's big on finish. We took a small 2 bed unit in Coogee that still had a lot of it's original 1960's finishes and converted it into a sparkling jewel of modern open planning and interiors. All new LED lighting, air conditioning and connectiveness.

Wonderful subtle and stylish scheme by our expert interior architect Eddie Kenda.

Joinery beautifully realised by our good friends at Donnas Joinery and the whole complex build done by Dave and his professional team at D B & H E Building Services.

We can't wait for the clients (and furniture) to move in and enjoy it all. We'll come back and update our photos after that.

forest lodge studio

Another garage studio. This one in a heritage conservation area in Forest Lodge.

Squeezing as much in on a narrow site as possible. Plugged in between an existing 2 storey garage studio on one side and an approved (but not built yet) similar one on the other side. Simple but neat and cost effective....

ducking under low planes while keeping your toes above the flood waters

Secondary dwellings above rear lane garages are all the rage now. A neat way to increase density and get more living space for extended family or rental income. Here's one we had approved recently. Still to be built.

Small projects still require the same complex raft of documents required by larger ones. This site in Mascot was even more so being under a flight path and in a flood prone area.

The budget wasn't huge so we went for simple modern shapes with relatively inexpensive materials. More to go into insulation and sound attenuation.

Leura mountain home gets approved

Here's another job that also kept us busy last year. Our "island" job in Leura.

With some good will from council's experts we arrived at an agreed approval.

Our "mountain" style in a plan form that's reminiscent of grand old guest homes.

It's been one of the biggest design challenges we've faced and even though it's been a pain in many ways it's also been exciting to work on.

Eden final

After many adjustments and enough reports to sink a ship we finally got this beast into council for DA. A bit more finesse on the facades and shapes. Compliant with all LEP controls and most of the DCP ones. Fingers crossed they don't give us too hard a time during the assessment.