Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Centennial Park walk #1

Deep in the heart of the Eastern suburbs lies Centennial Park. On any fair weather day it is packed with walkers, sporting teams, lunchers, cyclists, horses, joggers, dogs and families. But it never feels overcrowded, there's heaps of space for everyone, and there is always a place to park your car if you are driving there. There are several walking trails around and through the park. Today we took the central route which takes you through a diverse landscape.

Stuck for something to do on a nice day ........ be stuck no more!         J  

Enter through the Western gates. Park near the bi-centennial pavilion.

Some Sunday football games on the many sporting fields

Passing the football dive into a beautiful pine forest complete with black cockatoos

Break out into lovely large open fields used by families to kick a footy around.
Mr Dickens new statue looking on

Enter the Lachlan Swamp. One of the early water sources for the Sydney colony

Boardwalk over the more marshy bits. Beautiful paperbark forest.

Lakes on the other side with "roosting islands" created to protect against feral animals.

Waterhens, ducks and swans all come over to see if you have bread for them.

Lovely metal sculptures complete with pigeons.

Melaleuca quinquinerva forest next to the lake.

A favourite picnic spot for families.

Lovely old Federation shelter.

Second lake with more formal gardens beyond.

More paperbarks.

3rd lake off the central path.

Central service road/pathway.

Western end of the 2nd lake with stormwater rubbish interception  pit.

Old fig with huge canopy reaching to the ground.

How's the serenity.......

Fashion shoot on an old stone bridge.

Lakes were very clean today....

More formal gardens

Rose garden. Out of season but still some roses.

Pathway back to the centre

You can eat expensively or .....

........ you can eat cheaply.
Don't worry fellas, they'll bring some snacks back for you, I'm sure.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Some cartoonies for Andy

These are some cartoons we did to help illustrate Andy Corrigan's upcoming blockbusting, beer banning, book, "Table Talk". Coming to a book shop (or cyber book shop) near you soon. Keep an eye out for it. Has all you need to know about the fine art of mixing wine, food, company and conversation.

Enjoy.........        J

the fine art of decanting!!

entertaining at home

the joy of champagne

a natural restaurant trend

choosing the most suitable glass

appropriate food....!!!

how to securely store your wine

To keep up with Andy, book release dates and all things Oenologistic head to his link at