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Centennial Park walk #1

Deep in the heart of the Eastern suburbs lies Centennial Park. On any fair weather day it is packed with walkers, sporting teams, lunchers, cyclists, horses, joggers, dogs and families. But it never feels overcrowded, there's heaps of space for everyone, and there is always a place to park your car if you are driving there. There are several walking trails around and through the park. Today we took the central route which takes you through a diverse landscape.
Stuck for something to do on a nice day ........ be stuck no more!         J  

Some cartoonies for Andy

These are some cartoons we did to help illustrate Andy Corrigan's upcoming blockbusting, beer banning, book, "Table Talk". Coming to a book shop (or cyber book shop) near you soon. Keep an eye out for it. Has all you need to know about the fine art of mixing wine, food, company and conversation.

Enjoy.........        J

To keep up with Andy, book release dates and all things Oenologistic head to his link at