Monday, 29 April 2013

maroubra medium density

Here's a neat little medium density project (20 units) currently being prepared for DA approval.

Double block layout, linked basement with landscaped common outdoor area in the middle. More common decks at the upper level allow views to the city. The rear block looks over the front one.

Simple, low maintenance finishes of "blue steel" face bricks for the bottom two levels and shiny/happy Alucobond for the upper floor. Also using our current medium density aesthetic of expressed balcony pods, slit style highlights and integrated indoor/outdoor, open plan living areas. Lots of simple but effective sun screens on East, North and West sides.

WIll probably change a bit post DRP comments (they always change something...) but hopefully will retain the bulk of the ideas.  


front elevation
upper floor recessive
scale matches domestic scale

NW high view showing arrangement of blocks
on the site

landscaped common area separates the blocks

NE high view

ground floor plan
generous landscaped areas

north elevation

long section

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